Kanban racks

Kanban Rack

Less space and racks are necessary with the Wuerth racking system, offering you optimum use of space and a well-arranged, clean storage solution.

The advantages of Wuerth Kanban racks:

  • Can be used as rack storage system or inclined shelf rack
  • Loading and picking of goods possible on both sides
  • Levels can be inclined for direct view and easy access
  • All longitudinal bars, front and rear, with 55 mm edge to prevent items falling out of bins
  • Quick set-up by simply inserting the levels

Shelves are available in two sizes:

Shelf 660: 660 x 660 x 2050 mm (Suitable for W-KLT® 2115, 3215)

Shelf 800: 660 x 800 x 2050 mm (Suitable for W-KLT® 2115, 3215, 4315)

Kanban rack labels

Each item has its own place in the rack, indicated by an additional label.

Kanban label