Fasteners with imperial threads

Even though our roots are with fasteners with metric threads, we offer fasteners with imperial threads as well. Firstly, we would like to present the two types of threads in more detail.

The standard American coarse thread UNC and the standard fine thread UNF are both listed as standard in the new range of Wurth Industry of Canada items. The difference between the metric and American threads is that the thread pitch (e.g. M8 x 1.25 mm) is specified in metric and the number of threads in the American thread is specified over one inch (25.4 mm).*

Inch Fasteners

It is not only the thread types that are different between metric and imperial. Imperial items can be found in the US and the UK. There are also differences here. The flank angles in an American and English standard thread differ as follows:

Difference between the flank angles of UNC (US) and BSW (UK)

>UNC = American standard coarse thread, 60º flange angle

>BSW = British standard coarse thread, 55º flange angle

* 1 inch = 25.4 mm


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