Lean factory - Why?

Tailored to your specific needs. In this way, you save effort, distance, time and costs.

You can choose your production and operational equipment and we will discuss with you the C-Parts Solution that fits best! We will then do the rest. From detailed, individual project planning, implementation of the system, schedule management, procurement and quality testing right up to the storage and distribution of goods to your point of consumption. Directly, without any detour.

This is made possible by our product and system solutions from CPS® C-Parts Solutions.

Lean factory through optimized logistics, production and procurement processes
Yours benefits
  • Personal on-site support
  • Integrated data management
  • Maximum supplier consolidation
  • Fully automated supply of C-Parts
  • Individual combination of system solutions
  • Precise, direct deliveries to your point of useFully automated supply of C-Parts
  • Adaptation of the inventory and scheduling in accordance with economic conditions
  • Use of innovative technologies such as CPS®RFID, ORSY®mat and many more
  • Everything from a single source for your production and operational equipment