Testing Methods

Hardness Tests


Hardness tests - Metals

Vickers and Rockwell testing methods for determining the hardness of metallic connection elements in line with current standards. In addition, the laboratory tests the depth of the case hardness on, among other things, tapping screws and self-tapping screws. Thanks to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, simultaneous testing is also possible — after all, speed is of the essence in the event of damage as well as in product development.

Standardised hardness testing for metals e.g. in line with

> DIN EN ISO 6506-1

> DIN EN ISO 6507-1

> DIN EN ISO 6508-1

> DIN EN ISO 2639

> DIN EN ISO 2702

> DIN 7500



Surface - Coating Thickness Measurement

Coating thickness — nothing escapes X-rays

How thick are the coatings or metallic coverings on a surface? Coat thickness measurement provides the answer to this question. An X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument enables us to carry out a non-destructive analysis and determine core parameters within seconds. This includes different galvanised coatings and the elemental composition of multilayer coverings.